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Realizing cost-efficient DMS: VITOVA package to Hong Kong E&M engineering service provider

Hong Kong, April 20, 2017 - A leading E&M engineering service provider in Hong Kong recently replaced their document management system (DMS) with VITOVA. Through over 40 years of operation, this listed company has developed substantial expertise in E&M engineering and built up a strong network with clients who are often engaged in large-scale projects of well-established companies in Hong Kong.

The company’s strong market recognition is underpinned by their strong network, experienced workforce, and integrated management and control system. Over 10 years ago, they already set up their custom-made DMS as a proactive way to improve documentation of scattered types of work orders, reports, forms, emails, etc. in various projects. Expanding into the PRC & Macau and exploring new scopes with their E&M engineering services in recent years, the company has been looking for a more sustainable digital document management workflow that enables customization, upgrades, support, flexible access and intuitive usage.

What VITOVA offers has made DMS replacement a quick decision for this company. In August 2016, they selected the standard package of VITOVA to fit all their needs that are heavily relying on massive document digitalization. VITOVA recommended a hassle-free program to upload existing e-files instead of complicated data migration, VitalScan to enable accurate batch scanning, and VitalNote to integrate emails specific from the Lotus Notes application. The core in the package is web-based VitalDoc that master controls and shares all the ready e-documents with high user-friendliness and security. The whole VITOVA adoption from installation and training to implementation completed in just four months’ time, guaranteeing minimal intervention in different departments that are accumulating large numbers of hardcopies from various ongoing projects.

The choice of this engineering expert company has exemplified how companies in the AEC industry can grasp the latest DMS technology with high cost efficiency. The representative from VITOVA’s customer said, “Centralizing documents has been a big challenge to us as this industry depends a lot on hardcopies, especially confidential and project related documents. But when you find a document management solution that is light, flexible and price competitive, it’s time that you rode on the wave of advanced information technology. VITOVA gives us a new DMS that is simple to use and provides valuable support no matter how further our business expands.”