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    • All-round industry-based solutions: IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM trusted across catering businesses

All-round industry-based solutions: IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM trusted across catering businesses

Hong Kong, September 24, 2020 - With years of experience serving customers in a wide spectrum of businesses and scales in Hong Kong and Mainland, C&T’s HRM software suites IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM have been strengthening their market penetration in the catering sector, helping a great deal of diversified culinary groups to manage and mobilize their workforce for business growth and expansion.

IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM boast an extensive catering customer portfolio in Hong Kong and Mainland, ranging from global fast food chains to catering service providers, from Michelin culinary groups to fine dining restaurants, featuring a vast variety of cuisine including American, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, etc. For every such catering business, it is crucial to streamline back office HR and restaurant managers’ labor-intensive operations, from planning rosters to tracking attendance, arranging urgent labor transfers, calculating individual benefits and more. These unique combinations of challenges faced by the catering industry require a precise solution for each practitioner.

Featuring compliance-ready payroll automation, flexible clocking with GPS, facial recognition, QR codes and other work-streamlining functions, IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM’s integrated solutions have empowered catering businesses to effectively manage business-driven workforces and save valuable time of HR personnel.

The world’s second largest fast food hamburger chain and one of the largest international catering franchisees have adopted Platinum HRM and IPL HRMS respectively to oversee and improve staff attendance through a sustainable cycle covering scheduling, attendance tracking, performance review and more. The mobile module customization of eMPF for McDonald’s Hong Kong has allowed its HR personnel to integrate MPF enrollment of 15,000 frontline and back-office employees into the e-HR management powered by IPL HRMS.

Especially in the wake of COVID-19, being adaptive and flexible through a changing environment is the key for a business to succeed. C&T’s all-round HR software solutions can help catering businesses maintain smooth daily operations through flexible resources allocation, attendance management, payroll management and more with efficiency, realizing business agility.