Decades of successful track records


Market Recognition Business Achievement Business Expansion
  1. 2021

    C&T Group made further investment in CISC Limited making it a subsidiary of the Group. The Group will actively help CISC to expand its solution offerings with the latest technologies of data collection and business intelligence.

  2. 2019

    C&T Group expanded its Shenzhen office with enhanced facilities and equipment enabling the Shenzhen team to focus on software development and better support Hong Kong’s business, while enhancing communication between the Hong Kong headquarters and all the Mainland offices.

  3. 2016

    C&T Group established the Macau office in support of its strategic business expansion in the special administrative region.

    Platinum Software Systems (Shanghai) Company Limited (PSS) became a subsidiary of C&T Group in January 2016. Its flagship Platinum HRM software suite provides a comprehensive set of functional modules specifically designed to meet the business and regulatory requirements in the PRC.

  4. 2015

    Sanyo Extended System Services Limited (“Sanyo Extended”) became a subsidiary of C&T Group in February 2015. Sanyo Extended’s software product suite - ChainStore2000 is a well-established Enterprise Retail Management (ERM) software which specializes in Point-of-Sale and related management systems solutions.

  5. 2014

    C&T Headquarters moved to Cyberport, the unique creative digital community of Hong Kong, occupying the whole floor with more than 20,000 square feet.

  6. 2013

    VITOVA Limited (“VITOVA”) became a subsidiary of C&T Group in 2013. VITOVA product suite is a well-known Document Imaging and Management Software product. The acquisition of VITOVA extended the Group’s software product strategy to the area of Enterprise Information Management.

  7. 2010

    C&T Group continued its business transformation by consolidating existing business to expand further in the Group's software products and services business. Leveraging the Group's expansion strategy, the overall business managed to deliver an improved performance.

  8. 2006

    Y&A Professional Services Limited ("Y&A") became a subsidiary of C&T Group in 2006. Y&A was a well-established forerunner in providing high quality solutions services to both the public and commercial sectors.

  9. 2004

    C&T Group launched its Government Electronic Trading Services under Global e-Trading Limited (Ge-TS) for the trade community to submit trade related documents such as Import/Export Declaration to the Hong Kong SAR Government. Ge-TS also provides various e-business and value added service.

  10. 2001

    Following its business transformation plan, C&T Group acquired IPL Research Limited to expand its application software product's portfolio covering Human Resources Management and related services.

    In the same year, the Group launched e-Tendering services that provided a secured tendering platform for both procurers and suppliers. It also automated organization’s procurement activities by transforming the conventional manual and paper-based work procedures into an advanced web-based environment.

  11. 2000

    Riding on the growth of internet, C&T Group expanded its business to cover development of proprietary application software products, IT consulting and solutions services and e-services platform. New business entities including Global e-Business Enabler Limited (subsequently renamed to Computer And Technologies Solutions Limited) and Global e-Business Services Limited was incorporated strategically to focus on the related business and facilitate the Group to transform into a full-range IT services provider.  

  12. 1999

    In order to support its business expansion, the headquarters of C&T Group was moved to Prosperity Millennia Plaza with much bigger office space in 1999.

    In view of software business potentials, C&T Group established Shenzhen Software Development Centre.

  13. 1998

    Being a pioneer among the local IT firms, C&T Group was successfully listed in the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 18, 1998.

  14. 1995

    In 1995, the Nanjing office commenced operations as the strategic hub to support C&T Group’s expansion in China.

  15. 1994

    C&T Group established the Guangzhou office to cover operation in Southern China. It was subsequently merged with the Shenzhen office in the later expansion.

  16. 1992

    C&T Group opened Beijing and Shanghai offices to support operations in China.

  17. 1991

    Founded in 1991 in Hong Kong SAR, C&T Group was a pioneer in provision of IT solutions and services.

  1. 2022

    C&T Group was honored with the Certificate of Merit from the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2021 under the Servicing and Trading sector and Hong Kong Green Organization recognition for contributions to environmental protection.

    C&T Group’s Platinum was awarded 2021 Best HR Service Provider by HRoot, recognized for its premium product and service quality in facilitating customers’ business expansion in the China market.

    C&T Group’s Platinum was named “HR's Pick - 2022 HCM Local Deployment Solution Provider” at 2022 HR Tech Solution Provider Value Awards organized by HREC, recognizing its outstanding product quality and customer experiences in the China market.

    C&T Group received Gold Seal of Business Resilience & Community Contribution Awards and Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification by the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA), in recognition of the Group’s responsive anti-epidemic efforts during the pandemic time.

  2. 2021

    C&T Group’s Platinum HRM was awarded ‘Tech Star’ by Shanghai innovation town Gaoxing, recognizing the product’s promising quality, innovative technology integration and premium customer service.

  3. 2020

    C&T Group's Platinum HRM was named "HCM Local Deployment Top 10" at the 2020 China HR Tech Solution Provider Value Awards by the HR Excellence Center, recognizing its proven customer experience and technical expertise in the market.

    C&T Group was honored with “Joyful @ Healthy Workplace Best Practices Award - Outstanding Organization” at the Occupational Health Award 2019-20 by the Occupational Safety and Health Council, commending its achievements in promoting healthy eating, physical activity and mental well-being.

  4. 2019

    C&T Group was honored to be awarded “Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Logo” by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) for the recognition of fulfilling social responsibilities and caring for the community.

    C&T Group's Platinum HRM was honored with the “2019 China Top 5 Compensation Management & Payroll System Solution Providers” award for its outstanding compensation and benefits management solution.

    C&T Group was honored with the 3+ Year Award of Industry Cares 2019 of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Recognition Scheme organized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) in recognition of the company's outstanding contribution to the community for the third consecutive year.

    C&T Group was honored with Certificate of Merit at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2018 under the Servicing and Trading sector and certified as Hong Kong Green Organization and Outstanding Promotional Partner.

    C&T Group's Platinum HRM was honored with the "HCM Local Deployment Top 10" award among various HR management software brands at the 2019 China HR Tech Solution Provider Value Awards.

    C&T Group’s Platinum HRM was named on the list of the "Best HR Service Providers in Greater China" for another consecutive year and awarded the “Best HR Service Brand in Greater China” by HRoot’s HR management software award selection for 2018-2019.

    C&T Group was honored with the Caring Company Award for the fifth consecutive year by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) in recognition of the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility with continued efforts to improve the well-being of the community, employees and environment.

  5. 2018

    C&T Group was honored to be the first Main Board listed IT software company ever winning the Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Award at the Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2018, recognizing the Group’s holistic, sustainable corporate governance approach that values its people, the environment and the society.

    C&T Group’s Platinum HRM was awarded "China's Top 10 Innovation Brands: HR Industry" and "Best Payroll Management Software in Greater China" at the China Economic Summit 2018.

    C&T Group’s Platinum HRM won “Customer Satisfaction Award for HR Service in Greater China” and ranked as one of the “Best HR Service Providers in Greater China” in the joint award selections of Human Capital Management and HRoot.

  6. 2017

    C&T Group's IPL HRMS is the first HRM software product in Hong Kong being granted the ISO 20000-1:2011 certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for its excellence in human resources service management, delivery and operation.

    C&T Group was awarded by APAC CIOoutlook as one of the "10 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers" rendering state-of-the-art software that will leave an indelible mark in the industry with ensured convenience, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    C&T Group's ChainStorePlus ERM won Best Business Solution (Product & Service) Award: Certificate of Merit at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017 in recognition of its outstanding global-vision design.

    C&T Group was awarded by South China Morning Post as Best HK Professional Services Brand: Certificate of Merit at the Enterprising Hong Kong Brand Awards 2017, for the inventive, ambitious and successful brand building efforts of C&T as a Hong Kong homegrown brand.

    C&T Group was honored by APAC CIOoutlook as one of the "Top 25 Document Management Solution Providers" delivering the synergy of flexibility, mobility, accessibility and security for enterprise customers’ information management.

    C&T Group's Platinum HRM was honored with “HR Leading Enterprise Award 2017”, “Technology Innovation Award 2017” and "China Pioneer Human Resources Service Provider 2017 — Annual HCM Customer Satisfaction Award" in China’s influential award selections.

  7. 2016

    Platinum HRM won "The Customer Satisfaction Award for HR Service in Greater China" award in the "Best HR Service Providers in Greater China 2015-2016" organized by Human Capital Management magazine.

  8. 2014

    Platinum HRM was awarded the honorable title of “Best e-HR Brand” in“China HR Pioneer Awards 2014” with good market response and influence to the whole industry.


    C&T Group’s another flagship HRM product suite IPL HRMS was honored with the China Outstanding Software Product Award ("COSPA"). This was the third consecutive years that IPL HRMS won this reputation from 2011 to 2013.

  9. 2013

    Platinum HRM won "Excellent Product/Solution" in "Annual Top-lists of Enterprise IT Application in China 2013" sponsored by Vsharing.

    The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business honored C&T Group with Partner Employer Award 2012/13 for its commitment to offering career development to fresh local graduates. 

  10. 2012

    IPL HRMS received Silver Award of Best Business (Product) Award in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012 and further affirmed distinguish standing amongst industry peers and customer.

    C&T Solutions and the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries (BMCPC) jointly received the Hong Kong ICT Award 2013 for its All Round Cemeteries Operations Management Solution (ARCOMS). It marked the first cemetery management solution to receive this accolade and illustrated C&T abilities to adopt information technology in traditional industries.

  11. 2011

    C&T Group's HRM product IPL HRMS won 2011 China Outstanding Software Product Award.

  12. 2010

    Honored with Hong Kong PKI Awards - Crossborder e-Commerce Platform during the Hong Kong Smart City + Awards presentation in Shanghai Expo 2010.

  13. 2007

    C&T Group Chairman Mr. Ng Cheung Shing received Directors Of The Year Awards 2007 - Listed Companies (SEHK - Non Hang Seng Index Constituents). It was a recognition of the collective effort of the Board having expedited in improving the corporate governance practices of the Company.

    C&T's "Electronic Logistics and International Trade Enabling (ELITE) Platform" won the Championship of the "2007 Golden Penguin Award".

  14. 2003

    GO-Business and Shui On Construction & Material Ltd jointly won the Certificate of Merit at the Hong Kong Computer Society's IT Excellence Award 2002 under the "IT Application Award" category for its Electronic Tendering (e-Tendering) System.

    GO-Business Tendering Application Service received the Certificate of Merit (2nd Prize) - E-Commerce Category in the regional Asia Pacific Information Communication Technology Award (APICTA) 2003.

  15. 2002

    C&T and Modern Terminals (“MTL”) jointly won "IT Excellence Awards 2001" by the Hong Kong Computer Society with the project.  Its successful roll-out as well as endorsement by the IT practitioners are results of the joint-team effort of both MTL and C&T.

    Electronic Tendering System, for which C&T Group built and operated for the Hong Kong SAR Government, became a finalist to the Public Services and Democracy category of the Stockholm Challenge Award the second time.

  16. 2001

    C&T was named as one of "the 20 Highest Growing on Net Asset Value Chinese Enterprises in the World", by YaZhou Zhoukan, the International Chinese Newsweekly.

    C&T received Enterprise Award from the DHL/SCMP Hong Kong Business Awards as a recognition to its vital contribution to the community, success in the innovation of new products and services, as well as the excellent standard in growth and market development.

    C&T's corporate website was named by the FIA Magazine as one of the Best Asian Corporate Websites among listed companies across Asia.

  17. 2000

    Electronic Tendering System, built and operated by C&T Group for the HKSAR Government, received the Hong Kong e-Award for Design & Innovation in the category of e-Public Services and the UUNET/HKNET Business Web Sites of the Year Awards 2000 for the Best Public Sector Site.

    C&T Group was named as one of the "Best 300 SMEs in the world by Forbes Magazine and owing Chinese-owned enterprises in the world by YaZhou Zhoukan.

  18. 1997

    Selected as one of the Most Valuable VARs by Data Communications Magazine.

  19. 1996

    Selected as Best Systems Integrator in China by the former Ministry of Electronics Industry.

  1. 2022

    C&T group provided IaaS to the electrical and mechanical services department (EMSD) for automated data collection of electrical products and their suppliers. The always-on cloud service platform empowers EMSD to identify non-compliant electronics and discover unsafe products to enhance regulatory enforcement for public safety.

    C&T Group awarded in all three major category groups under the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 5 (SOA-QPS5) by the HKSAR Government. C&T Solutions would provide IT professional services for Government under a contract period of 48 months.

  2. 2021

    C&T Group's IPL HRMS continued expanding its footprint in the property management industry, helping premier real estate service brand Urban Group streamline bulky operations with a solid digital transformation to keep HR management in pace with their growth in the market.

    C&T Group was awarded a three-year IT service framework agreement from the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) as renewal of the existing contract for system development and maintenance services for the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

  3. 2020

    C&T Group's ProSmart EPM helped the first public utility in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas), digitalize procurement management with ProSmart to improve efficiency of large-scale operations and enhance traceability for business sustainability.

    C&T Group's ProSmart EPM expanded its footprint to NGOs, helping Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon (Lok Sin Tong) realize best practices to support a wide range of charitable initiatives for the Hong Kong community.

    C&T Group's IPL HRMS has a long-standing relationship with McDonald's Hong Kong, providing system customization services to optimize human resources workflow management through automated function modules. IPL HRMS further customized a whole new eMPF solution to enable the Human Resources Department and over 15,000 employees of McDonald's to more flexibly self-manage their employee benefits and MPF related matters through McPlace (McDonald's employee app).

  4. 2019

    C&T Group was awarded a three-year outline agreement of CLP for the provision of IT professional services aiming to improve the operational efficiency and stability of its IT systems and applications.

    C&T Group's Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) license was renewed by the HKSAR Government for another 6 years till the end of 2024. Ge-TS also largely expanded the service coverage through collaboration with Hongkong Post to provide traders with paper-to-electronic trade declaration services via 23 designated post offices across Hong Kong.

  5. 2018

    The business footprint of C&T Group’s EPM cloud services further expanded among leading enterprises and large non-governmental organizations, including Bank of China (Hong Kong), Hong Kong Science Park, Towngas, Urban Renewal Authority, etc.

    C&T Group developed industry-specific Property Management System (PMS) with tailor-made functions and workflows for the operations of property management, streamlining processes from marketing, selling and leasing to maintenance, reporting, etc.

  6. 2017

    C&T Group awarded in three categories of services under the Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services 4 (SOA-QPS4) as renewal of the SOA-QPS3 engagement by the HKSAR Government to provide IT professional services for Government bureaux and departments.

    Awarded two new framework agreements from the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) to continue C&T Group’s long-term engagement since 2004 to develop efficient and reliable IT applications for the betterment of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)’s large-scale operation.

  7. 2016

    Awarded a new contract worth over HK$335 million to provide additional 10 years of support service to the Customer Care and Billing System (CCBS) of Water Supplies Department of HKSAR.

  8. 2014

    HKTDC’s new Visitor Management System (VMS) developed by C&T launched successfully on 8 May 2014 which serves over 600,000 trade buyers every year. 

  9. 2012

    Awarded framework contracts to continue serving the prestigious long-term customers:  The Airport Authority Hong Kong and CLP.

  10. 2010

    Secured consecutive contracts of Standing Offer Agreement for Quality Professional Services (SOA - QPS) since 2002 which further strengthening the business opportunity from the HKSAR Government.

  11. 2009

    C&T Group's Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) license was renewed by the HKSAR Government for another 7 years till the end of 2016.

    Since 2009, C&T has been awarded a multi-year Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) contract from the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) to provide a workflow management system and outsourcing service to support the Content Collection & Editing Service and Free Sourcing Service and became a significant milestone of C&T to further expand the BPO business.

  12. 2004

    Awarded more than HK$368 million contract to build and support the integrated Customer Care and Billing System ("CCBS") for the Water Supplies Department of Hong Kong in 2003. The system was launched on December 2004 serving more than 2 million WSD customers and became one of the major milestones of C&T in supporting large-scale IT solutions outsourcing projects for the Hong Kong SAR Government.

  13. 2003

    Awarded a five-year license from Hong Kong SAR Government for the provision of front-end Government Electronic Trading Services ("Ge-TS") for processing certain official trade-related documents.

  14. 2002

    Chosen as the partner by the Land Registry of the Hong Kong SAR for a multi-year program to deliver an improved land registration services to the community through developing and commissioning a new integrated registration information system (IRIS). The total contract value was worth more than HK$150 million.

  15. 2000

    Being the first e-tendering platform in the world adopting PKI technology, Electronic Tendering System (ETS) was officially launched in April 2000 under the  Digital 21 Strategy of the Hong Kong SAR Government. C&T was the build-and-operate partner of ETS.

  16. 1993

    C&T Group partnered with the Software Centre of the Ministry of Post and Telecom (MPT) of the PRC to develop Network Operation Management and Administration System (NOMAS) which was gradually deployed to more than 20 provinces and municipalities Telecommunication Authorities in China until 1995.

  17. 1992

    C&T provided state of the art Automated Trading System to Shanghai Stock Exchange and dominated in providing Automated Trading and Settlement Systems for China Commodities and Futures Exchange with our Automated Futures & Commodities Exchange Systems (AFCES) software product.