Life @ C&T

Thank you C&T for providing me with a great platform to learn and grow, and an amazing team to work with. “I am not afraid to fail, the most important thing is to try.”

Leo Siu, Head of Human Resources Management - Customer Services

Thanks to C&T raising me to a new level by providing trust and support to meet challenges successfully. Friendly coworkers and a team-oriented environment in which each person is motivated by the company’s goals have inspired that praise.

Jackson Li, Project Manager

Happiness is working with great people. At C&T, we take up new tasks and turn every challenge into opportunity. I also enjoy a balanced life in C&T, where we can join different leisure activities and meet new people.

Jasper Ho, Assistant Project Manager

Great vision without great people is irrelevant. Thanks C&T for providing great people and environment for my personal development.

Jerry Chong, Senior Project Manager

It is a great chance to express my sincere thanks to C&T and management’s support in the past 11 years. A Chinese saying by Laozi best describes my experience at C&T, “The top virtue is like water, benefiting others without contending.” If you follow the character and form of water, all problems can be solved with ease.

Ricky Mak, Customer Care Manager

Every day I meet challenges at C&T, but I grow faster at everywhere.

Wallace Chow, Head of Strategic Development

An amazing journey in my career to join a global conference with supports from C&T.  It's really an exciting experience that I can develop a passion in my profession.

Kingsley Ng, Development Specialist

C&T is where I learned to make things a little bit better every day, and this brings fulfillment to me.

Zillah Tsang, Finance and Administration Officer

My 19+ years of services in C&T is a very fruitful and rewarding journey. It is fantastic I am growing with the company together.

Wang Ng, Head of Human Resources Product

It’s my great pleasure to participate in the Customer Care and Billing System (CCBS) of Water Supplies Department of HKSAR, serving more than 2.7 million customers to deliver a one-stop shop customer and billing services in the territory. It is not only a major milestone to C&T, but also an important achievement in my career!

Michael Hua, Analyst Programmer