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Centralizing HR operations: Platinum HRM adopted by China leading semiconductor company

Hong Kong, December 1, 2021 - C&T's human resources management software Platinum HRM is working on a new project for a renowned semiconductor company in China to replace their current in-house HR system to meet their business expansion needs.

Hailing from Malaysia in 1972, the semiconductor company is known for its semiconductor packaging and testing services, which have been widely used in different fields, such as telecommunications, electronic devices, auto parts, etc. The company has been actively expanding in China, currently serving the Mainland market with nearly 5,000 employees.

The company's existing HR system cannot afford their operational needs amid rapid development in recent years, thus the company hopes to look for a full-featured central HR system for replacement. The company is impressed by Platinum's market expertise in delivering e-HR solutions for large-scale businesses. Platinum will deliver an HR management platform enabling centralized employee data maintenance of all business units across the country and accurate payroll automation ensuring compliance with China's complex employment regulations. Also, various reports can be generated from the master database for strategic analysis by the company's HR and management.

The all-rounded Platinum system solution is expected to bring significant improvement to the famous semiconductor company's HR efficiency with streamlined operations and enhanced internal resources allocation, paving the path for their sustained growth in the Mainland market.