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Commitment to integrity: C&T conducts staff workshop with ICAC

Hong Kong, December 9, 2020 - In November, C&T coordinated with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to conduct two anti-corruption training sessions at C&T headquarters to strengthen employees’ understanding of the Group’s Code of Conduct and concerted effort to uphold ethical standards in its diverse business operations.

Since 1985, the Corruption Prevention Department of the ICAC has provided advice to more than 7,000 private organizations of various trades and industries, helping companies to strengthen and continually improve their systems, procedures and controls for the prevention of corruption and related malpractice.

To enhance employees’ alertness to corruption, conflict of interest and integrity issues, Fred Wong, Senior Community Relations Officer of ICAC, provided guidance on acceptance of advantages and the appropriate practices in handling day-to-day business matters in relation to suppliers, contractors or other third parties. The workshop helped employees understand more about the framework and principles of the company’s Code of Conduct and relevant legal compliance through case sharing and situational questions, avoiding the appearance of improper behavior of employees. Believing the quality of the Group’s people is closely linked to what it delivers, customers’ satisfaction and its business sustainability, C&T is committed to business ethnics and integrity and regularly provides workshop and training opportunities to empower employees’ career as well as whole-person development.