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New mPOS with ChainStorePlus ERM: The best way to increase sales conversions in your store

Hong Kong, October 28, 2020 - C&T’s enterprise retail management software ChainStorePlus ERM released mPOS major updates with new sales-driven features, user interface redesign and hybrid-cloud flexibility for retailers to increase in-store conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Upsell with mix & match promotion on the spot
The global pandemic has defined the importance of mobile technology in retail. Retailers from large chains to boutiques are resorting to mPOS solutions to secure sales conversions from every customer’s visit. ChainStorePlus has enhanced the mix & match promotion feature with the new eCatalog function on mPOS, enabling sales associates to proactively upsell customers, from showcasing choices of a favorite style to recommending additional purchase and the best combination of mix & match discounts.

Reduce your queue
The challenge to cashiers is to keep queues always short and capture all possible sales in front. With enhanced mPOS queue busting, sales staff can add any customer’s pick to their own virtual basket beforehand for effortless retrieval from any other mPOS device for checkout, minimizing the customer's queuing and securing the purchase.

Make payment fast, flexible and mobile
Today’s consumers value tech experience and choices; even hygiene has become a concern. With its open-platform design, ChainStorePlus offers the newest e-payment options from Apple Pay to Alipay, UnionPay and WeChat Pay through easy integration with QFPay, EFT and CANCAN and other payment gateways. Fast and flexible mobile payment makes a key element for shopping convenience and satisfaction, driving more instant sales and attracting customers to return.

Offer instant product alternatives
It is essential to avoid creating disappointed customers from unavailable stock in your store. With the full-featured mPOS devices, sales staff can provide timely stock checking, alternative suggestion and product reservation all on the spot of their shopping, encouraging the shopper to drop hesitation and make purchase with the best recommendation.

Designed with fluid UI for smooth operation on Android/ iOS mobiles, iPods or iPads, ChainStorePlus mPOS empowers in-store staff to deliver a premium brick-and-mortar journey when customers enjoy more time shopping, less time making payment. All the enhanced mPOS operations are backed by ChainStorePlus’ new hybrid-cloud model, which enables real-time data and efficient coordination across stores, while providing extra flexibility and scalability for different scales of retail businesses.