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    • Enhancing multifaceted HR management: C&T HCM App launches Claim mobile module

Enhancing multifaceted HR management: C&T HCM App launches Claim mobile module

Hong Kong, August 14, 2019 – C&T HCM App launched the Claim function module, enabling users of C&T's human resources management software suites, IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM, to submit and approve expense claims through mobile devices anytime and anywhere, offering customers a more holistic HR management solution.

Driven by C&T's workflow automation engine, C&T HCM App now allows managers and employees to submit claim applications and managers to approve claims on the go without time and location constraints, which is different from the traditional web browser-based workflow. Employees can capture and upload payment receipts and input necessary information directly via their mobile devices in a timely manner. The app will notify the manager for approval instantly according to the pre-set approval route, as a result saving time in the procedures of scanning, copying, documentation and communication.

Meanwhile, the system allows employees to claim expense reimbursements immediately on the same day instead of the monthly basis, ensuring the best-fit claim practices for different work natures. For example, in the sales industry, front-line employees have to meet customers frequently, which involves a lot of transportation and meal payments. Submitting claim applications without limitation can make the whole process more efficient. Connected to the workflow automation engine, this module also provides friendly interface settings that empower HR personnel to flexibly adjust the approval workflow based on the operational needs. The Claim mobile module features the following:

  • Approval route customization
  • Daily instant claim application
  • Approval status tracking
  • Claim and payroll integration
  • Comprehensive expense category setting
  • Application/ approval notification and reminder

The new Claim module runs in the ecosystem of C&T HCM App seamlessly with Profile, Leave, Attendance and other modules, enhancing the convenience of employees' self-service and helping enterprises to manage human capital more efficiently. Backed by the customizable workflow automation engine, C&T is committed to bringing the best experience to customers of IPL HRMS and Platinum HRM with diverse, practical mobile modules ahead.