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    • Better building rehabilitation: Smart Tender welcomed by property owners and contractors

Better building rehabilitation: Smart Tender welcomed by property owners and contractors

Hong Kong, June 19, 2019 - Since the launch of “Smart Tender” Building Rehabilitation Facilitating Services by Urban Renewal Authority (URA) in 2016, different property owners and owners’ corporations have managed their tendering process through the Smart Tender e-platform provided by C&T’s enterprise procurement management software, C&T EPM. In order to facilitate the service improvement and expansion of Smart Tender, C&T has delivered various function updates for the platform over the past three years, further streamlining the complicated procedures of consultant and contractor hiring, tender opening, tender evaluation, etc., improving the flow of tendering information and minimizing the risk of tender rigging, which has received positive feedback from the public.

One of the major updates to the Smart Tender scheme is the Government’s allocation of $300 million dollars in 2017 to encourage property owners to participate at a concessionary rate. The number of applications received by URA surged from approximately 100 before the concession scheme by 6 times to approximately 720 this year, which involved over 100,000 residential units. While in the past the average tender returns for subsidized building rehabilitation works were 20, the number has doubled to 40 after the Smart Tender e-platform was in service. Smart Tender has been increasingly welcomed by property owners and contractors. (Reference:

While URA reviews and improves the Smart Tender scheme on a regular basis, C&T EPM is committed to providing reliable solutions in order to ensure the e-tendering platform operates smoothly and provides better services for more property owners to obtain proper building maintenance and repair.