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    • Enhancing SME funding service: ProSmart launches e-procurement platform for government IT subsidy scheme

Enhancing SME funding service: ProSmart launches e-procurement platform for government IT subsidy scheme

Hong Kong, December 13, 2022 - C&T’s procurement management software, ProSmart has delivered an e-procurement platform project for a government IT funding scheme secretariat to connect subsidy applicant organizations with a large variety of potential solution providers.

The fund aims to offer finance and support to local enterprises in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade or transform their business processes. To enhance its support for funding applicants during the process of identifying quality service providers and to accelerate application approval, the fund secretariat officially launched the e-procurement platform, powered by ProSmart. ProSmart is an award-winning, market-proven digital tendering system serving well-respected enterprises, conglomerates, public bodies and non-profit organizations in Hong Kong since 2000.

Upgrading IT funding service

With the advent of COVID-19, many businesses have turned to technological solutions to overcome the problems brought on by the pandemic. With over 15,000 projects approved since the fund’s launch, the secretariat has already received over 8,000 new applications in the first nine months of 2022. Due to growing interest in this funding, ProSmart has delivered a digital solution to the secretariat, offering a fast, fair and unbiased procurement process that enhances competition, compliance, traceability and auditability.

Bridging subsidy applicants and service providers

Local enterprises, particularly SMEs, can better utilize government funding for business digitalization thanks to the e-platform because it simplifies matching applicants and IT service providers. Typical technological services and solutions sought through the platform include cyber security solutions, enterprise resource planning (ERP), document management and mobile access systems, and more. With ProSmart’s integrated e-procurement solution, subsidy applicants can quickly create any request for quotation (RFQ) and search for relevant service providers. On the other hand, providers can easily access funding-related business opportunities and directly submit proposals and quotations on the platform.

ProSmart’s experienced e-procurement team worked closely with the funding secretariat to ensure a smooth project delivery within a short timeframe. The launch of this public platform will speed up the service provider search cycle and encourage more companies to utilize the IT funding to realize their business digitalization.