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Attendance tracking with enhanced accuracy: IPL HRMS launches facial recognition clocking

Hong Kong, November 11, 2020 - C&T’s human resources management software IPL HRMS enhanced the Attendance module with responsive facial recognition clocking, enabling businesses to simplify attendance tracking with great convenience and accuracy and optimize mobile workforce performance.

Facial recognition clocking and attendance management

Employee attendance tracking is usually linked to manual crosschecking, miscalculation, fraud, mess, uncertainty, etc. Large businesses with multi-location workforces probably have the best understanding. At IPL HRMS, the integration of facial recognition provides a practical clocking solution of responsive, secure biometric identification process to HR’s tracking worries:

  • Employees can easily clock in/ out at the self-service kiosk of the office, chain store or branch restaurant, or with their mobile. No more card swiping.
  • Managers can get instant real data of team members' attendance, lateness and absence and make immediate labor transfers and other remedial actions.
  • HR rests assured with accurate auto summaries for smooth payroll. No more messy timesheets and tiring crosschecking.
  • Maintenance is minimal with zero wiring work and easy Android device replacement.

Facial recognition adds further flexibility to IPL HRMS’ clocking solution, with which businesses can apply facial recognition, GPS, QR code or combined clocking practices based on their policies and operations. The clocking data is synchronized among Attendance module functions, ensuring managers’ real-time monitoring and uninterrupted branch or cross-branch operations. The Attendance module is seamlessly integrated with the core Leave and Payroll modules of IPL HRMS, saving tedious manual work and improving data accuracy for HR.

Attendance module features

The full-featured Attendance module of IPL HRMS also runs in the ecosystem of C&T HCM App with boundaryless mobility and flexibly for businesses to improve their operations with a stable, reliable workforce that is well engaged.