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Expanding customer segments: New customers of C&T HRM software

Hong Kong, April 20, 2017 - In the 4th quarter of 2016, both IPL HRMS and Platinum China (Platinum) upgraded and customized human resources management solutions for different local and multi-national brands to support their continuous development in the fast-moving local and China markets.

The world-famous food brand Danone operates in more than 120 countries. Entering the Chinese market since 1980s, Danone has developed 15 production factories with nearly 10,000 employees in China. Confronting enormous challenges in payroll and personnel related workflow management, Danone has established long-term cooperation with Platinum HRM since 2012. And now Danone upgrades its system to the latest version, covering Employee Master Data, Org Structure, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Self-service, etc. Danone also chooses to deploy the new Platinum Mobile solution with the implementation of Wings, SAP and MDM interfaces.

Taikoo Sugar has developed into one of the world’s largest and most advanced sugar refineries since establishment in 1881. Adhering to century-old tradition in positive innovation, Taikoo Sugar keeps on the track of e-HR informationalization by integrating certain functional modules such as Org Structure, Compensation and Benefits, and Attendance Tracking into Platinum’s one-stop human resources management platform, benefiting over 500 employees in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chongqing.

Established in 1982, Wan Chung Construction Company Limited (Wan Chung) is a local construction firm providing services ranging from building construction, interior design, fitting-out and renovation to property maintenance. With over 200 employees in Hong Kong, Wan Chung adopted the IPL HRMS core package with iLeave and ESS modules to cater for its operation needs.

Fubon Life Insurance (Hong Kong) Company Limited (Fubon) upholds the mission of "Enriching Life with Endless Hope" and "customer-oriented" service philosophy through providing customers with a variety of life insurance products. To enhance the work process of human resources at the enterprise level, Fubon applied IPL HRMS’ core and iLeave modules to provide highly reliable and proficient support for the group's human resources personnel.

The above brands expand their business with a pragmatic attitude, and realize the importance of human resources management for their strategic development. C&T’s HR professionals are dedicated to providing our customers with customized human resources solutions to overcome their HR challenges on managing large scale of employees. It is also our mission to extend the coverage of C&T’s HRMS from Hong Kong to the global market.