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Trusted partner: C&T HRMS suites widely adopted in different business sectors

Hong Kong, September 30, 2018 - With years of expertise in helping businesses of various industries and specific sectors digitalize their human resources management, C&T’s HRMS suites continued to thrive with new projects delivering the best-fit HR solutions for diverse customers looking for sustainable business development in Hong Kong or Mainland China.

To name a few, in the 3rd quarter of 2018 IPL HRMS started projects for two market leaders in education and environmental service fields. ARCH Education is an expert educational institute based in Hong Kong with over 300 full-time staff and teachers in Hong Kong and overseas. Waihong Environmental Service Group is a subsidiary of the FSE Services Group Limited, which offers environmental sanitation and auxiliary facility services for major transport systems and property projects in Hong Kong. Both businesses have chosen IPL HRMS as their partner to digitalize and streamline their HR operations to keep its HR management efficiency in pace with the growth of their business.


On the other hand, Platinum HRM was engaged with the provision of HR management solutions for a high-tech enterprise of automotive structural and panel parts (Shanghai Tractor & Internal Combustion Engine Corporation Ltd. (STICEC)), a US-listed pre-school education company (RYB Education, Inc. (RYB)), and a world-renowned consultancy with over 100,000 employees all over the world. Despite the distinctiveness of their businesses, Platinum has custom-made an integrated HR management system working specifically for each customer’s requirements and workflows.

Known for the comprehensive design, flexible modules and cross-region market know-how, both HRMS suites of C&T are expected to enable the HR personnel of these expanding companies to efficiently handle complicated HR and payroll operations with ease and bring significant improvement to their overall management in support for their continued development.